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Document Query Result presents the documents corresponding to your search criteria and is the most common type of search result. The selected search criteria are displayed on top of the screen defining whether you are looking for documents where some entities are mentioned or where specific keywords / document features occur.

The examples in this section are based on a Boolean search for "cars" with "KEYENTITIES:hybrid".

Table of results

The document results are arranged in a Table of Results featuring the following columns:

  • Date column - shows the date when the document was created.
  • Title column - shows the title of the retrieved documents and snippets from the document content, displaying where the selected entities/keywords are mentioned. The title is marked as a hyperlink to the document. If you click the link, you go to the Document Detail screen.

Document distribution

When you go to the Document Query Result screen from Timelines Result by clicking a data point in the chart, you view a graphic representation of the distribution of documents matching your query over a period of time.

The vertical axis shows the number of documents per time period and the horizontal axis - the range of the time period in which these documents occur.

The example below shows the number of retrieved documents for "Barack Obama", covering the pre-defined time period "from September, 2008 to March, 2009" and the granularity is set to: "quarter".

To see the distribution of these documents in further detail, click the month you are interested in and the granularity changes. The new diagram shows the document distribution per day for the month you have selected.

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