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Welcome to KIM 3.7 documentation! You are right here, because you are interested in KIM. So let's get started.

What is KIM?
KIM is a modular semantic knowledge management platform that creates semantic links between documents, data, domain models, and linked data. It finds mentions of entities, relationships, and facts in texts, and links them to a background knowledge. KIM handles complex and heterogeneous information resources, retrieves documents based on a set of relationships that are external to those documents, and provides multiple search options. Try it now

Build semantic solutions with KIM


Customizing KIM modules

Extending KIM IE capabilities

Using KIM standalone components

All these and more you can find in the Developer's guide

Try KIM out of the box

System requirements and expected load

Download the latest KIM

Install and run KIM

All these and more, you can find in the Installation guide.

Still have questions? Search in: FAQ, Release notes, Documentation, Developer Documentation and Glossary

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