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The semantic repository stores the extracted semantic information as RDF. The service allows you to browse and modify the repository.

Web service method Description
evaluateSelectSeRQL takes a SeRQL query as plain string and returns a result as a table in the SemanticQueryResult data structure.
evaluateSelectSeRQLCount takes a SeRQL query and returns only the number of the results
getInstancesCount takes a class URI as string and returns the number of instances of the class in the repository
importData importData allows you to import existing RDF to the KIM Server. The method completes only after the data is fully imported and available for querying. It takes four parameters:
  • RDF data as string - required
  • a base URI for the created instances as plain string - optional, an empty string is allowed
  • an RDF format specifier constant as plain string - required
  • a flag if the RDF data should be verified before import - false is recommended
addStatement adds a new RDF statement. The first two parameters need to be valid RDF URIs. If the third is not a valid RDF URI, it is considered to be RDF literal. This operation is asynchronous, so that no statement would appear immediately in query results.
addStatementBatch adds a batch of RDF statements. The array parameters correspond to the URIs of the Subject, Predicate, and Object of a set of multiple triplets that are inserted in the semantic repository with one operation. Optionally, instead of a URI, the Object can be a plain "literal" value.
removeStatementsBatch removes a batch of RDF statements. The format of the parameters is the same as addStatementBatch, but additionally, "null" values are supported for any of the three parameters in a single row of the arrays. The null is considered "any value" wild card. The string <NULL> is interpreted also as a "null" value. It is meant for web service clients that cannot send real "null" values.


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