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In this example, instead of the default GATE application, you can load a specific pre-configured GATE application:

The default KIM is not configured to use alternative GATE applications. Users have to set this manually with applications of their choice.
Annotation names used must end with .gapp in order to be correctly recognized.

Annotating documents

To annotate a document, you either have to create a new document or you can use a document loaded from persistence. You will also need a SemanticAnnotationAPI component.

Annotating texts

To annotate a text, just pass some string to the method.

Using specific annotation strategy

Using annotation strategies affects the generated annotations. Refer to JavaDoc for details on annotation strategies.

Using specific encoding

Using encoding affects the resulting annotations content, different charsets allow you to use various symbols.

Inline metadata in texts

When you pass a string to the executeAndInline() method, it returns the original string together with metadata in-lined according to the given in-line strategy. Refer to JavaDoc for details on inline strategies.

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