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The files attached to this page are used on more than one page and even in more than one space.

*To the documentation authors:* When updating these images to a later version, make sure you _replace_ the file with one of the same name, rather than adding a new one with a  slightly different name. This will ensure that the up-to-date image is  used on all the pages that display it.

Here's an example of how to use an image on another page:

\!_Files for reuse^\!
When uploading an attachment, make sure you specify, in the *'Comment'* section, what kind of file it is, for example *presentation*, *platform snapshot*, *ontology*, *schema*, etc.
Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
ZIP Archive 103 kB Philip Alexiev Oct 21, 2013 11:02    
ZIP Archive 807 kB krastian.krastev May 28, 2012 17:43    
ZIP Archive 820 kB ivo Feb 29, 2012 16:02 world knowledge base - ntriple file  
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