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Both Structure and Patterns look for entities in the knowledge base. However, while with Structure you have to create query patterns of your own by specifying the types of entities, their names and the relations between these entities, Patterns provides a set of frequently used queries where the search criteria are already pre-defined for you. These pre-defined query patterns can depend on the domain and how data is represented in the knowledge base. Therefore, they can be customized to meet different needs.

The Patterns paradigm screen provides three fields where you define your query. In the Choose predefined entity pattern field you select the pattern that suits your search best. Each pattern has different input fields, which appear in the A pattern about section after you have selected a pattern. The values in the input fields restrict the types of entities forming the pattern and filter the information. In the Interested in field you specify the type of result you want to retrieve.

Choose predefined entity pattern

To choose a pattern from the Choose predefined entity pattern field, just click an option from the list of patterns. These patterns are structures of two or three entity types and the relations between them (e.g.: "Organization locatedIn Location" or "Person hasPosistion JobPosition withinOrganization Organization").

A pattern about

Depending on whether you have selected a structure of two or three entity types, A pattern about field consists of two or three empty search boxes respectively. You can restrict the types of entities in the pattern by typing their exact names (labels) in these search boxes.

Find all organizations active in a particular region, as well as their exact location, for example all organizations active in the Middle East and their exact location.

Select the pattern "Organization locatedIn Location1 subRegionOf Location2" and type "*", "*" and "Middle East" in the respective search boxes as shown below.

When you type the name of the selected entity, you need to enter only strings of letters, numbers, spaces, underscores, and any value ("*").

Interested in

In the Interested in field you specify which of the entity types in the pattern you have selected should be included in the results. You do this by selecting an option from the drop down list.

In the example above, you may be interested in:

Search for

In the Search for field you choose whether to look for entities in the knowledge base or for the set of documents where entities matching your query pattern occur (as in Structure).

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