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The logging routine of the populater module is set up in the configuration file <KIM_HOME>\config\logback.xml. This is a general purpose configuration file, so only the following fragments apply to the Populater module:

The first fragment is used to define:

  • output log file: <file> declaration tag
  • whether or not the log file should stick to rolling appender's policy and its parameters: <rollingPolicy> declaration tag
  • the pattern used to format output messages: <encoder> declaration tag

The second fragment:

  • enlists the appenders used to log messages produced by the Populater: <appender-ref> declaration tag
  • sets the logging level for the current logger: level tag property

The content of this configuration file is re-checked at 1 minute intervals and the logging behavior is adjusted online.

For more detailed information on Logback please visit the official Logback Configuration page.

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