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The KIM Web UI is configured, mainly, using a configuration file, located in the web application archive KIM.WAR file. The exact location of the configuration file is KIM.WAR/WEB-INF/classes/kwebui.config. To edit the file, you can either:

  • Deploy KIM to your web application server, then find the unpacked KIM WEB UI files, edit the configuration, and restart the server or the KIM WEB UI.


  • Edit the file inside the WAR archive before deploying. The WAR archive are actually zip files and most zip tools allow editing text files from inside the archive.

The user interface configuration is completely separate from the KIM Server configuration, as they can be deployed on completely different servers with only a network connection between them. As a result, if you deploy the KIM Server on a different machine or change the port where the KIM Server accept connections, you will need to alter the configuration of the KIM Web UI accordingly.

Configuration example

The configuration file kwebui.config looks like this:

Options Description
These two options control which KIM server the Web UI will connect to. The host value accepts both hostnames and URIs. By default, they point to KIM server at localhost.
kim-connect-retry-seconds When set to a positive value, it makes the Web UI application, on startup, wait for the KIM Server to become available. In that case, the Web UI application will wait that number of seconds between each attempt. This option is useful, if you start the KIM server and the Web Application server at the same time via a script, as you cannot be sure whether the KIM Web UI application won't initialize before the server. Default value is 0 , which disables waiting for server.
kim-show-entities-limit The default value is -1, which means no restriction will be applied.
skip-list A list of URIs of properties, one at a row. The metadata with the predicates won't be shown on any screen. Specify all system predicates here.
nolink-list A list of URIs of object properties, one at a row. The values of these object properties will be displayed without a link in the KB Explorer.
snippet-context-length The number of words to include around the matched search terms in snippets in the document results. Default value is 15 .
ui-title The title of the web interface that appears in the browser title bar and some captions. Default values is KIM WEB UI .

The KIM Web UI manage console

The KIM Manage Console provides additional possibilities for UI management from the GUI directly.
It gives you the ability to:

  • Manage RSS feeds
  • Import documents - Upload text, HTML, Microsoft Word or PDF documents. They will be automatically annotated and indexed by the KIM Server.
  • Add images - Manually annotate images with Wikipedia
  • View configuration details
Only users with the "kimmanager" role have access to the manage console. The servlet container defines the users and their roles. Please see the documentation of your server for more detailed information how to create users and assign roles. For Apache Tomcat 6.x, the documentation is here .
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