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This section is for developers
If you're looking for information about... administering the platform, see Administrator's guide.

In this section

This section contains reference material about the KIM platform APIs, libraries and services, how to customize KIM modules, and extend KIM IE capabilities.

Web Services and APIs A directory of Web Services and APIs for developers
KIM Java RMI APIs A directory of KIM Java RMI APIs, JavaDoc library, and code examples for developers
Customizing KIM modules
An tutorial how to replace some of the predefined KIM server modules with their own algorithms and behavior.
Extending KIM IE capabilities
A tutorial how to extend the KIM Information Extraction capabilities by changing the text analysis pipelines, adding a domain ontology and/or knowledge base, etc.
Using KIM standalone components A directory of different possibilities for using KIM components outside KIM for developers
Integration with GATE Information about the processing resources enabling the GATE applications to use the KIM platform features.
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