Understanding enterprise logs

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This documentation is NOT for the latest version of GraphDB.

Latest version - GraphDB 7.1

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Next versions

GraphDB 6.6
GraphDB 7.0
GraphDB 7.1

Previous versions

GraphDB 6.4
GraphDB 6.3
GraphDB 6.2
GraphDB 6.0 & 6.1

[OWLIM 5.4]
[OWLIM 5.3]
[OWLIM 5.2]
[OWLIM 5.1]
[OWLIM 5.0]
[OWLIM 4.4]
[OWLIM 4.3]
[OWLIM 4.2]
[OWLIM 4.1]
[OWLIM 4.0]

Status requests in the enterprise logs on the master

Status requests in the enterprise logs on the master are logged only when the log level is DEBUG. They look like this:


  • the worker is on transaction a3d9f184-7c45-4580-986a-edf18dfb54b2 and the fingerprint's main part is -1148798447;
  • the full fingerprint is:
    -1148798447 [direct=0][expose-entity=0][geospatial=0][literals-index=0][lucene=0][notifications=0][plugincontrol=0][rdfpriming=0][rdfrank=0][script=0] 0 32
  • the worker uses revision number 903827708 of the GraphDB engine (which can be important, if you are currently doing a rolling upgrade).

Out of sync exceptions

There are different reasons why the workers might go out of sync.

Different fingerprints after an update

If the expected fingerprint does not match the one that the non-testing worker returns, we mark the latter as out of sync.

This will be visible in the logs in the following way:

In this example, we execute a transaction with id 49a45831-e9f4-4edc-b1b4-4949a8f15adc, which has already been tested on one of the workers and we receive the following fingerprint:

-1992527762 [direct=0][expose-entity=0][geospatial=0][literals-index=0][lucene=0][notifications=0][plugincontrol=0][rdfpriming=0][rdfrank=0][script=0] 0 32

It is different from the fingerprint we have received for the same transaction id 49a45831-e9f4-4edc-b1b4-4949a8f15adc on this worker (worker-test20042):

406933420523974 [direct=0][expose-entity=0][geospatial=0][literals-index=0][lucene=0][notifications=0][plugincontrol=0][rdfpriming=0][rdfrank=0][script=0] 0 32
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