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This documentation is NOT for the latest version of GraphDB.

Latest version - GraphDB 7.1

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Next versions

GraphDB 6.6
GraphDB 7.0
GraphDB 7.1

Previous versions

GraphDB 6.4
GraphDB 6.3
GraphDB 6.2
GraphDB 6.0 & 6.1

[OWLIM 5.4]
[OWLIM 5.3]
[OWLIM 5.2]
[OWLIM 5.1]
[OWLIM 5.0]
[OWLIM 4.4]
[OWLIM 4.3]
[OWLIM 4.2]
[OWLIM 4.1]
[OWLIM 4.0]


GraphDB 6.4 introduces support for Sail graphs with the Blueprints API and GraphDB.
It can be used to access GraphDB through the Gremlin Query language.


  1. Download Gremlin 2.6.0 from
  2. Unzip the file into a convenient location.
  3. Go to the newly extracted folder, e.g. my_files/gremlin-groovy-2.6.0.
  4. Put the file graphdb-blueprints-rdf-1.0.jar into the lib subfolder.
  5. Run the Gremlin console by executing bin/ or bin/gremlin.bat.
  6. Connect to a GraphDB repository by executing one of the following:
    • g = new com.ontotext.blueprints.GraphDBSailGraph("<URL to a GraphDB repository>")
    • g = new com.ontotext.blueprints.GraphDBSailGraph("<URL to a GraphDB repository>", "<username>", "<password>")

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