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This documentation is NOT for the latest version of GraphDB.

Latest version - GraphDB 7.1

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Next versions

GraphDB 6.3
GraphDB 6.4
GraphDB 6.5
GraphDB 6.6
GraphDB 7.0
GraphDB 7.1

Previous versions

GraphDB 6.0 & 6.1

[OWLIM 5.4]
[OWLIM 5.2]
[OWLIM 5.1]
[OWLIM 5.0]
[OWLIM 4.4]
[OWLIM 4.3]
[OWLIM 4.2]
[OWLIM 4.1]
[OWLIM 4.0]

Storage Tool

The Storage Tool is a small app for scanning & repairing a GraphDB repository.
The tool is available since GraphDB 6.1 (only for SE editions) and works only on repository images that are not in use (i.e. the Tomcat is stopped).
Let's assume that the GraphDB is already deployed into a folder like */home/username/dev/tomcat/webapps/openrdf-sesame. The example code below assumes that current dir is */home/username/dev/tomcat/webapps/openrdf-sesame/WEB-INF.

the output is the man page for the tool set:

Supported commands:
  • scan pso index
  • scan all indexes, print status on every 60 seconds
  • compact pso index(self rebuild equals to compacting)
  • rebuild pos from pso index and compact pos
  • rebuild predicates statistics index
  • check pos consistency and additioaly scan it for corrupt statements
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