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This documentation is NOT for the latest version of GraphDB.

Latest version - GraphDB 7.1

GraphDB Documentation

Next versions

GraphDB 6.3
GraphDB 6.4
GraphDB 6.5
GraphDB 6.6
GraphDB 7.0
GraphDB 7.1

Previous versions

GraphDB 6.0 & 6.1

[OWLIM 5.4]
[OWLIM 5.2]
[OWLIM 5.1]
[OWLIM 5.0]
[OWLIM 4.4]
[OWLIM 4.3]
[OWLIM 4.2]
[OWLIM 4.1]
[OWLIM 4.0]

Roadmap: The following table shows new features, improvements and intended release dates for the next few versions of GraphDB. Customer needs and issues arising will affect this plan from time to time, but the intention is to provide a quick overview of the next few release cycles, so that GraphDB users have some indication of when they can expect certain features to be available.

Version Release date GraphDB-SE (Standard Edition) GraphDB-Enterprise
6.0 19.Sep.2014 Explain plan
Consistency Validation
GraphDB Workbench
GraphDB Connectors
Improved cluster resilience
6.1 October 2014 Rule debugger & statistics Enterprise Connectors
LVM-based backup/restore
6.2 June 2015 Transactional Entity Pool
Connectors - major imrovements and new features
Parallel Reasoning in LoadRDF
Workbench - new Import, Export and Repository views
The Lucene connector is now included in GraphDB SE
Solr and Elasticsearch connectors
6.3 October 2015 Scale to 100B statements
SPIN support
GeoSPARQL support
SPARQL-mm support
Hybrid Reasoning (Backward- and Forward-Chaining)
Rsync-like full replication
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