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20151120 Bulgarian Representative in Europeana Members Council

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On 20 Nov 2015, Vladimir Alexiev of Ontotext was elected to the Europeana Members Council:

The Members Council consists of 25-30 people who help Europeana create strategies and set priorities and policies for its work.
It also organizes the Europeana AGM.

See Vladimir Alexiev's blog post at http://pro.europeana.eu/page/data-quality-committee.
It describes Ontotext's work on semantic technologies and European projects,
applying semantic technologies to cultural heritage, the EDM SPARQL endpoint and Europeana Food and Drink project.

Vladimir Alexiev is also active in the Europeana Data Quality Committee:
Improved quality is one of Europeana's most important stategic goals for the current two years.

So now Bulgaria, data quality, and semantic technologies have a representative in the Europeana Members Council.
Please propose priorities and topics that we can raise in the council.

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