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20140820 Europeana Governance _Help shape the new Europeana Network

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Currently Europeana is in the process of changing the way it is governed and is moving towards a truly democratic
and representative network. Network changes are needed so that Europeana can deliver Strategy 2020. Making these
changes requires our input.
Julia Fallon, the IPR and policy advisor at Europeana, has written down what has been proposed. You can find her
suggestions on following web address:http://pro.europeana.eu/pro-blog/-/blogs/help-shape-the-new-europeana-network
Right now our feedback about Europeana plans is needed. Please have a look at this blogpost and express your opinion
by filling in the survey, which is a really short one so it should not take longer than 4 minutes. This is an opportunity
to directly influence the way Europeana is being governed, and be part of it.

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