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20140116 BG DBpedia and Wikipedia-GLAM

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For a year now, an idea has been bandied around to focus BG cultural heritage documentation efforts around Wikipedia/DBpedia/Wikidata.
These free information resources, the center of the Linked Open Data cloud, can enable cultural heritage workers to collaborate on describing the common elements of our Cultural Heritage. It's not right that foreign Wikipedias have more information about our kings, artists, politicians and events; and the data extracted in BG DBpedia is half missing and half wrong.

Ontotext is starting to do something about it:

There is an active BG Wikipedia community:

Ontotext will attend the next BG Wikipedia meeting (between Feb 2 and 6) to discuss DBpedia and the value of data: https://bg.wikipedia.org/wiki/Уикипедия:Уикисреща/Семинари/2015-02/дата.
GLAM and other Cultural Heritage workers, please register there and attend if you are interested!

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